World Science Festival Brisbane

World Science Festival - QPAC 4k Recordings

At the highly anticipated 2023 World Science Festival in Brisbane, the Playhouse Theatre at QPAC served as the perfect stage for some thought-provoking keynote conversations. Inverse played a crucial role in bringing this extraordinary event to life by providing an array of technical expertise.

Equipped with four Ultra high-definition cameras and seamless switching capabilities, we ensured every captivating moment was captured with precision. Our dedicated team also took charge of data wrangling and sound recording, ensuring that the footage was of the utmost quality.

All the footage was transmitted back to New York, where a team of skilled editors and producers eagerly watched the live stream. Their real-time insights and feedback played a vital role in shaping the final product.

To guarantee the most exceptional visual experience, we went the extra mile by producing the entire event in 4K resolution. This meticulous approach not only provided maximum image quality but also served as a future-proofing measure for archiving this momentous occasion.

The collaboration between Inverse, QPAC and the World Science Festival resulted in a seamless fusion of technical excellence and intellectual exploration, hopefully leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. We take immense pride in contributing to an event that celebrates the wonders of science and encourages curiosity for the future

Sessions from World Science Festival -

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