Veritas + Scene Change


Virtual Event live streamed from the Triffid in Brisbane


We were thrilled once again to work with our client Veritas Events as they produced another incredible event, which was streamed live from the prestigious Triffid venue in Brisbane. Inverse took charge of the camera work and streaming for this spectacular production, working alongside the team at Scene Change, who looked after lighting, audio, as well as integrating remote guests and content.

The event was a grand scale production featuring 6 cameras, including box lenses, wireless stage cameras and a Jib with remote head. The seamless transition between the captivating content presented by the Oticon team in the studio area and the mesmerising performance by James Johnston on the stage area was beautifully captured using an 8-meter jib.

To ensure a flawless online experience for the audience, we leveraged our bonded internet connection, delivering everything seamlessly to the virtual platform. This provided a reliable backup and peace of mind for everyone involved.

The virtual event was a resounding success, and we were honoured to play our part in creating such an extraordinary visual spectacle for Veritas Events and the online audience.

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