FIFA Executive Meeting

Live filming of the FIFA Executive Aukland Meeting


Our long-time client and collaborator, Encore, entrusted us with a momentous task that took us all the way to New Zealand. The occasion was - the FIFA Executive meeting and the prestigious launch of the coveted trophy for the Soccer World Cup.

With a skilled crew of four from Inverse, we ensured every aspect of this grand event was flawlessly captured. We deployed a total of six cameras so every angle and moment was impeccably recorded.

Among the cameras, four PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras enabled us to capture shots of all participants quickly.  In addition, two operated cameras were expertly manned by our team, capturing the finer details and more prominent moments with precision.

Thanks to our live switching expertise, we delivered fluid transitions between camera feeds, ensuring a polished and engaging visual presentation throughout the event.

The results encapsulated the significance and excitement of the FIFA Executive meeting and the unveiling of the soccer world cup trophy. This remarkable project exemplified our dedication to delivering top-tier productions for our clients.

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