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Terms & Conditions


1. Quotations & Acceptance

Inverse Imaging (hereafter referred to as Inverse) may provide a quotation in respect of any project proposed to be provided under these terms.  

Upon acceptance of a quotation by the client, Inverse shall invoice for a 50% deposit of the total quoted amount.   Payment must be received by Inverse before service provision is to commence.  By accepting a quote the client agrees to these terms and conditions.

All quotations are valid for a period of 28 days from the date of submission

Any quotation that Inverse gives is based on the information that was provided to Inverse at the time of quotation.  If that information is later found to be inaccurate or there is a change to the scope of the project additional charges may be levied to reflect this.

The quotation will provide the client with details of:

  1. The scope of the project
  2. The intended medium and usage
  3. The expected cost

Inverse may also provide a treatment relating to the project.  If a treatment is provided it shall be regarded as part of the scope of the project.

By accepting the quotation the client acknowledges that the agreement is for a creative service and that any differences of opinions based on personal taste will not influence the payment of any monies due.

Inverse reserve the option to withdraw a quotation at any time


2. Copyright & Intellectual Property

All copyright and intellectual property relating to any footage shot, produced or edited as well as any graphic design, animation or any other creative work provided to the client by or on behalf of Inverse remains the property of Inverse.  Inverse may choose to display its own copyright notices on any product and the client must not remove or alter these in any way.

Upon payment in full Inverse will grant to the client a non-exclusive and non-transferable perpetual licence to use the materials provided for the purposes defined in the quotation of the project.

The licence provided by Inverse in regards to the project covers only the broadcast of the final edit.  It does not license or entitle the client to the use or provision of any raw footage or draft edit versions.

The client will pay Inverse any licensing or other fees that may be required to obtain or maintain a licence for the client for any music or any other element of the creative work.  Inverse reserves the right to charge a handling fee in respect to obtaining such licensing on behalf of the client which may or may not be included the original quotation.

The client agrees to only use licensed material (such as music) under the terms of the licence held.  Inverse will not be liable for any penalties imposed or costs incurred arising from the actual or alleged use of any licensed material in a manner contrary to the terms of the licence and the client hereby undertakes to indemnify Inverse from any such costs or actions so arising.

It is specifically agreed that Inverse may use the final edit in their online portfolio including, but not limited to, their website, social media platforms and video streaming channels.


3. Cancellation

Inverse reserves all rights to terminate our provision of service to the client at any time.  In the event of our cancellation and where the client is not in default of any other provision of these terms, then any deposit paid by the client will be fully refunded.

The client may only cancel any project with the written consent of Inverse.  If any such cancellation is accepted by Inverse the client shall be liable to pay Inverse the greater of-

  1. 50% of the project cost + gst, or
  2. The pro-rata percentage of the project that has been completed (as defined by Inverse) plus any direct expenses that may have been incurred or committed to + gst

In the event of any cancellation by the client all deposits or other amounts already paid to Inverseare non-refundable.  


4. Changes and Amendments to Project

Inverse will provide to the client a draft version of the project once the post-production stage is complete.  The client will then be allowed 7 days to notify Inverse of any editorial changes required.

Any changes may only be minor and editorial in nature and may not affect or alter the original scope of the project as detailed in the quotation.  Any changes that do affect the original scope may be subject to an additional charge.

At the end of this 7 day period Inverse shall make any required changes and provide the client with a final edit in an appropriate format for the broadcast medium as detailed in the quotation.


5. Handling of Footage

Inverse will take all reasonable action to protect any footage gathered during the project however Inverse cannot be held liable if any files are lost, damaged or stolen.  Causes of loss of footage may include, but are not limited to, natural disasters/events, human error, computer or other system malfunction or failure.

If the footage cannot be recovered, Inverse will decide whether to re-shoot at no additional cost to the client or to cancel the project and refund the deposit.

Inverse cannot be held liable for any of the client’s costs or consequential liabilities that the client may incur due to footage losses.

The client agrees not to submit any damage claims or undertake any legal action or claim against Inverse regarding any loss of footage or costs or consequential liabilities incurred.


6. Talent Release

The client undertakes that, by agreeing to the quotation, any person involved in the project as a subject, interviewee, actor or anyone who happens to be shown on screen during filming has agreed to be shown in the video and that it may be used in the manner outlined in the quotation, and for advertising and promotional purposes.

For any person where the client is unable to give the above undertaking, it shall be the responsibility of the client to ensure that the person concerned has granted a release in a documented form relevant and appropriate to the intended media and purpose and for advertising and promotional purposes. 

7. Payment Terms


Upon completion of work Inverse will invoice for the outstanding balance. Final payment should be made within 28 days from the invoicing date. Payment methods are set out in the invoice details. 


Thank you for business